There has to be excellent health and safety management on all construction sites. Without it the workers lives can be put at risk, the costs of running the business can be increased and there is always the possibility of being prosecuted whether there has been an accident or not. The law requires all managers to be competent in health and safety management, so training is legally required and made available on courses such as the SMSTS.

Who Should Take the Training?

SMSTS training is suited to project managers, site managers and supervisors. It’s an excellent course so it is often taken by construction firm owners too. The course content teaches plenty of skills that can be applied to any site and provides a certificate that’s nationally recognised throughout the UK. The course contents include teaching the ins and outs of the Health and Safety at Work Act as well as the CDM Regulations. It provides a good grounding in the law so the managers are equipped with the knowledge they need to ensure compliance with the law.

Risk Assessment

In addition to health and safety legislation, the training also teaches how to conduct a risk assessment and create method statements. Risk assessments are a vital part of health and safety management. It is necessary to perform risk assessments for all jobs on site. They are used to spot the hazards and to create ways of working that can reduce the risks. The risk assessment is useful as it allows the manager to see who is at risk and to create methods of work that will help to keep everyone safe. The control measures are then discussed with those who could be at risk by the work and protective clothing, additional training or new systems of work are then introduced.

Training For Managers Who Are Responsible for Health & Safety

Are your managers trained to a suitable level? choose the site managers course to improve their skills. Other content included on the course involves the management of occupational health and behavioural safety. In all, the course delivers a high level of essential health and safety education that managers can quickly transfer into their everyday duty. It gives them the information about how to improve the health and safety culture at work and what could happen if they are found to be breaching the law.

If you haven’t given your managers any training in health and safety the Site Manager Safety Training Scheme is an excellent option to choose. It’s an interactive course that is provided by tutors in a classroom setting. The course materials are shared through presentations, case studies and exercises. At the end of the course each candidate will be given a multiple choice exam paper which they will need to pass in order to be awarded with the certificate. There are also exercises given throughout the training so it’s essential that all candidates attend every day of the training to qualify.

There are training courses scheduled all over the United Kingdom. Most of the courses are held at local training centres in cities and towns. This means that it’s very easy to find a course which is close to you, wherever your business is based. You can also request a tutor to come to your work and give the course to your managers if you have more than five who need to be trained.

The SMSTS is excellent for managers and supervisors. Find a SMSTS course near you and ensure your managers are competent when it comes to managing health and safety.

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