I think one of the hardest days is the day that you welcome a new staff member to your organisation. If you are in a managerial position, then this transition is a painful one as the new employee gets used to the way the company works, their job and they get to know the staff.

The Welcome

It doesn’t matter whether your work in an office in the centre of a city or on a construction site, it is important to go through specific workplace regulations on the first day.

You’ve done a risk assessment and you know the dangers in the workplace so it is so important that you ensure that every new member of staff that you hire understands them as well.

It is advisable that you have a document for new staff to sign which states that they have read and understood the company rules and policies and also the health and safety information. The first day for a new employee is not about jumping in and getting to work; instead it is a day of training and a day that both you and they should take very seriously.

You should allow an employee to start work without the proper health and safety training. I start by giving them copies of the manuals to read which advises them of any dangers in the workplace and gives them information on the workplace regulations. I then go over it with them to ensure they understand these rules before they sign, accepting what I have taught them.

Is this Training Essential?

The way I manage my staff may not be the way everyone wants to go about it, but I always believe if I set them off on the right track from day one then there is a reduced risk of anything going wrong.

Yes, often the new staff member is eager to get working, but the first day is an introduction day. I give them a tour of the offices and building, introduce them to important key staff members and those they will be working closely with and I always arrange that another staff member joins them during lunch. Connections are necessary on the first day as it is important that the staff work as a team.

The morning is spent with the new staff member getting to grips with where everything is along with the company policy and procedures manual and I then get them to sign that they have fully understood what they have read and are happy with the policies.

The second part of the day is geared towards health and safety in the workplace and the workplace regulations that we have set in stone. A staff member who ignores what we have taught them and takes unnecessary risks can leave me in serious trouble. All it takes is that staff member to injure themselves and I’m slapped with a claim so I’d rather take one afternoon and ensure that they are fully aware of the regulations. Again I get them to sign that they have fully understood what they have learned.

Moving Forward

I always give new staff a copy of the workplace regulations which they can refer back to when necessary. From the second day they have learned the lay of the land, met the other staff and are ready to start working.

It is important to revert back to the regulations often; a little refresher to all the staff during meetings which you hold once a month should be the way to ensure it remains in their mind. Ultimately this refresh and reminder reduces the risk of something going wrong in the workplace.

It is so important to ensure that all the staff in your company fully understands the workplace regulations to reduce accidents and problems in the future.