Even if your staff has been trained with the right IOSH courses and performs their job very carefully, there is still a chance that a workplace accident might occur. If it does, it is crucial to follow the right procedure afterwards. There are important steps to follow after a workplace accident so that you can ensure that the incident is dealt with properly and it does not happen again.

Always Report It

Your staff should know that every time there is an accident at work, it is imperative that they report all details to the management. The accident needs to be recorded and this is important for a number of reasons. First of all, this helps to prevent the same accident from happening again. Also, it ensures that there is a record of exactly what happened in case there are legal proceedings later. The employee involved and any witnesses should write down their account of what happened and any photos or other evidence should be included within the report. All details should be included and these details should be written down as soon as possible, as they might be forgotten or confused as time goes on.

Doctor’s Visit

If an employee has been injured at work, they should see a doctor to make sure that their injuries are properly assessed. An employee could be seriously hurt, but not quite realise it right away and think they are fine, only to have complications later.

Also, having the medical records from the doctor will be important evidence in the case of legal proceedings. The employee should always follow all advice and recommendations for the treatment of their injury as prescribed by the doctor.

Assess the Hazard

After the accident, it is also important to take a look at the workplace hazard that caused the accident in the workplace. Perhaps it was a slippery floor, a broken stair rail or a malfunctioning machine. If the hazard is left alone, it might cause another injury to someone else. Make sure that you take a close look at what caused the accident and think about how you can improve it to be safer in the future. Perhaps a new procedure should be developed, or a safety feature needs to be installed.

Follow Up With the Employee

Take time to follow up with the injured employee and see how they are coming along with their recovery. Perhaps they have taken some time off work or they are in the hospital. Check in with them and find out how they are doing.

These are just a few important steps that should be taken every time an accident occurs in the workplace, so that the incident will be dealt with thoroughly and properly.