No matter where you work or what sort of industry you work in, everyone in the workplace should be trained in basic first aid.

First Aid is not difficult and it doesn’t take very long, but it is an essential skill that all of your employees should have. Here are a few of the reasons why everyone in the workplace should know first aid:

A Natural Disaster Can Occur at Anytime

Would everyone in your workplace know what to do if a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami or other natural disaster struck unexpectedly? These sorts of disasters can happen at any time and if they occurred while you were at work many of your colleagues could be injured and in need of first aid. Having the right training means that the least injured co-workers could tend to the others while they waited for help to arrive and perhaps save their lives.

Training Could Save a Life

A knowledge of basic first aid means that you could help a co-worker who is suffering from a seizure, cardiac arrest or other health emergency. Performing CPR on a non-breathing victim could mean the difference between them being dead by the time the ambulance arrives or being able to be revived and saved. Performing CPR doesn’t always work in an emergency, but it has the potential to save someone who is not breathing and it is always worth knowing how to perform it properly.

Knowledge Reduces Panic

When an emergency occurs and you don’t know what to do, it can be a terrifying feeling. You might become paralysed with shock and fear and fail to act and help the victim. Taking first aid training helps you to act quickly rather than freeze up in an emergency situation.