In the construction industry there are many times each day when workers have to work alongside vehicles. There are all sorts of risks involved when this occurs, namely a pedestrian worker being struck or run over by a vehicle. This is sadly a common cause of injuries and therefore is something that has to be carefully managed by the site supervisor, manager or employer.

A recent court case highlights this problem and serves as a stark warning to those that are responsible for the health and safety on site. At Carlisle Crown Court on 8th October, a building maintenance firm in Cumbria were fined after one of their employees was struck by a vehicle. The employee, 62 year old Ken Brown, was run over as he was directing the vehicle down a one way road on a nuclear site they were working on. He had performed this job several times a month for over one year and yet this time he was run over. The injuries to his leg were so severe he had to have it amputated in hospital.

Huge Fine for Failing Employee

Johnson Controls Ltd was fined £65,000 after they pleaded guilty for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act. On top of the fine the company also has to pay £8,162 in court costs. The investigation performed by the Health and Safety Executive inspectors discovered that Mr Brown had not received any specific training on how to safely direct the vehicle. They also found that his employers had not created a safe system of work that could have reduced the risks and prevented the accident.

The SMSTS Course

The SMSTS is an excellent course that can provide site managers with excellent training to help prevent accidents like this occurring. The course is available all over the country and informs managers of their legal responsibilities as well as providing them with the skills they require to manage their workers safely. These include techniques such as method statements, safely setting up the site and risk assessments. A risk assessment can be used to prevent accidents with vehicles and to create safe systems of work.

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