Depending on the type of environment you have at your workplace, it may be imperative for all the employees to undergo first aid course training. These first aid courses can actually save lives. The more employees who have this training the better off your work place will be. There should be trained individuals who will be able to assist if someone is injured or becomes ill. They will know what to do in case of an emergency. Whatever the cost it will be worth every penny.

More Than a Band-Aid

A first aid course is more than just putting on a band-aid. The first aid courses include Appointed Person which is the minimum level and is for low-risk environments or as a substitute in the absence of the qualified First Aid person; the 3-Day FAW or First Aid at Work is to get the employees up to date on the standard that is required; FAWR or First Aid at Work Refresher is a pre-requisite to renew a FAW certificate.

Automated External Defibrillator

A great first aid course you can become knowledgeable in is the Save a Life Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which is defibrillator training and will include, but not limited to personal safety, assessing the incident, priorities, unconscious casualty, resuscitation on adults and much more. There are also first aid courses for child-care givers. The course entails foreign objects, electric shock, dealing with blood loss and shock, burns, scalds, and a lot more. Until help arrives, the victims have a fighting chance if someone knows what they are doing.

Qualified First Aiders

If your business or company has decided that qualified first aid courses are needed in the workplace, then there will have to be a first aid course that will allow the students to become fully qualified and earn a valid certificate of competence and will allow the first aid person to give emergency aid to someone who becomes sick or injured at work, they will be taken care of.