Are Your Supervisors Prepared to Manage Safety and Health on Site?

Construction is a dangerous business; health and safety plays a huge role in the industry and has to be maintained and managed to avoid serious problems. The SSSTS is a course that teaches supervisors some skills in health and safety that will enable them to be effective managers of safety and health protecting themselves, other… Read more »

Controlling Occupational Risks with the NEBOSH General Certificate

Your office may seem perfectly safe but there are hazards which you need to be aware of and manage. Your managers will help you to do this, but you have to know how to go about managing health and safety issues. There are laws in place that protect workers and that clearly pinpoint the responsibility… Read more »

Learn Managing Safely with the Help of a Tutor

Face to face tuition is a preferred method of learning for many employers. When a tutor is called in to teach individuals, employers know that they will be focused on learning and therefore can complete excellent courses in a short period of time. The IOSH Managing Safely training is one of the courses available in… Read more »

Managing Noise in the Workplace

Many working environments are noisy. The movement of people, vehicles and machines can create dangerous levels of noise that need to be managed. Failing to do so can result in serious hearing problems for workers and you could be at risk of breaching health and safety Regulations in place to protect your workers. If you… Read more »

Fires – Be Prepared for the Dangers

The first thing you need to do as a business is decide who is responsible for fire safety within the organisation. As a business owner you can give the responsibility to a competent person or take on the duty for yourself, but whoever you choose will need to know what they are doing. In the… Read more »

A Passport to a Safer Working Environment

If you need to provide training to your employees with the construction or engineering industries the CCNSG Safety Passport is a great option available to you. It’s an excellent course that is suitable to people on many levels and supervisors can go on to study for the CCNSG Supervisors passport too. The course gives a… Read more »

Learn the Importance of Risk Assessments with the SSSTS

Risk assessments play such a huge role in managing health and safety. It’s necessary to perform these assessments in order to comply with the law. They are used to help spot hazards, find the risks and who is at risk and then discover ways of reducing the risks. You cannot avoid risk assessments and you… Read more »

Do Not Take Risks with your Supervisors – Train them with NEBOSH

Health and safety covers so many areas in business. It can be very easy to neglect one aspect or forget one part of your role as a supervisor or manager. Training helps to ensure that you are fully aware of your duties. NEBOSH courses give you a good understanding of your legal responsibilities and will prepare you… Read more »

A Passport in Health and Safety for Construction Workers

Awareness about health and safety in construction is a great way of helping to keep the site and workers safe. Being aware of the problems, types of accidents and techniques on how to reduce the risks make it easier to manage a team of employees as they go about their work in one of the… Read more »

Avoid Large Legal Fines and Costs with the SSSTS

There have been a couple of court cases this week involving the risks of working at height. The Health and Safety Executive take working at height risks very seriously and they will prosecute anyone found to be putting lives at risk. This type of work is the cause of most of the deaths found in… Read more »