The CITB Site Safety Plus publications are a great way to learn more about site safety and how to keep your workers safe. These publications cover topics such as site safety plan requirements, site hazard identification and control, site inspections, and more. They are a valuable resource for any site manager or safety professional.


Construction Health & Safety Awareness: GE707/20

This is the official supporting publication for the CITB Site Safety Plus one-day Health and safety awareness course (HSA).

Each chapter begins with a summary of what you should expect from your site and employer, and what your site and employer should expect from you. It is produced in plain English and includes clear illustrations and practical guidance for construction workers.


Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (GE706 & GT700)

Construction Site Supervision (GE706)

The Construction Site Supervision is a publication by CITB, which provides easy-to understand information and practical guidance for site supervisors. It was published in order to help implement safety standards on construction sites through the two day SSSTS course that you can take as part of your training program.

Toolbox Talks (GT700)


Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (GE700 & XA6)

Construction Site Safety – The Comprehensive Guide (GE700)

Construction Site Safety – The Comprehensive Guide (GE700) is the leading publication within construction and provides authoritative information about current legislation as well guidance. It’s divided into six sections, A-F plus an additional supporting info section that will keep you up to date with everything needed for your job.

Construction Site Management Delegate Workbook (XA6-V11)

The Construction Site Management Delegate Workbook (XA6-V11) contains information that delegates are required to reference and complete during the SMSTS course, including aims and objectives and self-study questions. It’s an easy-to use book with exercises consisting of tasks for planning health & safety initiatives on construction sites.