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NVQ 6 Construction Contracting Operations Management Course

This NVQ Level 6 Construction Contracting Operations Management course has been designed to provide experienced managers with the skills they need to specialise in contracting operations, and the ability to demonstrate those skills to would-be employers in the industry. The NVQ represents a fantastic means of such a demonstration, as it’s widely-recognised and replied-upon.

Who is NVQ 6 Construction Contracting Operations Management Course For?

If you’re an experienced manager working in the construction industry, and looking to work toward a Black CSCS Card or a Manager Card, then this contracting operations course will likely make a good fit for you. You will need to have site-management experience, and be currently employed in a management position – though your current position needn’t be on-site. You’ll also need to be at least nineteen years old.

Course Content

This NVQ Level 6 Construction Contracting Operations Management course provides learners with four different pathways, which provide specialist skills. These are:

  • Estimating (Pathway 1)
  • Buying (Pathway 2)
  • Planning (Pathway 3)
  • Quantity Surveying (Pathway 4)
  • General (Pathway 4)

Whichever you choose, you’ll need to complete a selection from the eighteen mandatory and optional units available. Some of these units are not particular to any given pathway, but provide skills common to all relevant management positions.

If you’ve any questions concerning the precise makeup of the NVQ course, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Envico Payment Options NVQ level 6 & 7 only


Envico offer the following payment plan option for NVQ level 6 & level 7 only. Two payments will be required:

Payment 1

50% of the cost to be paid in advance. On receipt the learner will be registered, receive their ePortfolio details following which they can commence studying

Payment 2

On receipt of Payment 1, a period of 2 months will be made available to make the final payment. The outstanding balance and due date for payment 2 will be confirmed by way of an invoice.

Full payment will allow the learner to continue studying with access to the ePortfolio.

Failure to adhere:

Non payment will result in a pausing of the ePortfolio, preventing the learner from accessing course materials and therefore will unable to complete the course and subsequent qualification. Access to the ePortfolio will be reinstated on receipt of the final payment. If after a period of 4 months from the due date of the second payment, the balance has not been received then the NVQ will be terminated.