Fire Extinguisher Use

What is the Fire Extinguisher Use Course? This Fire Extinguisher Use course is for employees who are designated to be Fire Wardens, or who have responsibilities to ensure that their employers are complying with current legislation relating to fire precautions. There is a practical content involving the use of fire extinguishers. Who is the Fire... Read more »

Highfield Introduction to Fire Safety in the Workplace

According to government statistics, there are 15,000 fires in workplaces and places where people gather in England every year. That’s 40 fires a day. The costs associated with fire are significant from physical costs including destruction of property, loss of income and increased insurance premiums, through to immeasurable, profound costs including loss of life, severe... Read more »

Highfield Fire Safety Level 2

Fire Safety Level 2 by Highfield Most fires can be prevented. Everybody within the workplace has responsibility for fire safety. The key to avoiding fire within your business is understanding factors and behaviours within your business and carrying out a thorough assessment to minimise risk. This fire safety level 2 course will equip learners with... Read more »

CIEH Level 1 Principles of Fire Safety Awareness

CIEH Fire Safety Training Online The CIEH Level 1 Principles of Fire Safety Awareness online course provides employees with essential knowledge about fire safety, ranging from precautionary measures to prevent fires starting, to what actions to take in the event of a fire breaking out. This CIEH Fire Safety training online course will give you... Read more »

NEBOSH Fire Certificate

What is the NEBOSH Fire Certificate? The NEBOSH Fire Certificate course aims to equip holders to contribute to the conduct and review of fire risk assessments and fire preventative and protective measures within most workplaces. The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is equivalent to an A-Level or UK college level qualification. Who is the NEBOSH Fire Safety... Read more »