IOSH Approved Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety

What is IOSH Approved Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety? How often has it been said that behavioural change is the key to improving performance? This course sets out to do exactly that: change behaviours and improve safety performance. Ideally suited to those who have already completed a formal health and safety course, this is... Read more »

IOSH Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation

What is IOSH Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation? The IOSH Managing Safely in Airport and Aviation is the flagship IOSH qualification in airports and aviation. It offers vital insight into health and safety responsibilities and the accountability required to improve your career. Training employees with this unique, Airport and Aviation sector-specific, IOSH approved certificate... Read more »

Fire Stopping Training

What is Fire Stopping Training? Understand what fire stopping is, the best type for your building and how to comply with installation, inspection and maintenance regulations. This online Fire Stopping Training course examines why fire stopping is essential in all buildings, as well as its function and installation. It also covers relevant regulations and inspection... Read more »

IOSH SHE Construction Site Managers

What is IOSH SHE Construction Site Managers? This IOSH Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers (SHECSM) training course is designed for construction site managers working in the UK or overseas. The course provides practical health and safety information and legal information that site managers need to understand. It provides an overview of health... Read more »

NEBOSH HSE Award in Managing Risks and Risk Assessment at Work

What is the NEBOSH HSE Award in Managing Risks and Risk Assessment at Work Course? All organisations strive to achieve resilience, and often its only when something happens that you really understand your level of resilience. We understand that tension that sits with decision makers, and therefore the need to ensure those managing workplace risks... Read more »

Essentials of Manual Handling Risk Assessment

What is Manual Handling Risk Assessment? A fundamental aspect of conducting manual handling risk assessment training and carrying out safety procedures is to first understand where the risk originates. This online manual handling risk assessment course provides employers and employees with an awareness of how to conduct risk assessments for manual handling operations. About Manual... Read more »

Steam Boiler Water Treatment BG04 Awareness

Steam Boiler Water Treatment Training This online Steam Boiler Water Treatment training course explores why it is essential to treat water within steam systems. It explores Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance and best practice to highlight the consequences of poor water treatment control and a failure to follow water treatment principles. About Steam Boiler... Read more »

Near Miss Training

Course Title Managing Near Miss Reporting for Effective Learning About Near Miss Training This pioneering new near miss reporting course will help your line managers develop the competency needed to deliver effective learning and safety improvements. Trainees learn how to work with front-line employees to capture reports, reveal how work is actually done and analyse... Read more »

DSE Assessor

What is DSE Assessor Training? This online DSE Assessor training course provides users with the knowledge necessary to conduct a display screen equipment assessment. The course covers vital areas such as the legal background and the associated hazards and risk factors associated with DSE use. It then takes users through the process of assessment. The... Read more »

LOLER Risk Assessment

Course Title Essentials of Conducting a Lifting Operations Risk Assessment What is LOLER Risk Assessment? This online LOLER Risk Assessment course provides trainees with an awareness of how the risk assessment process applies to lifting operations. It walks users through the common lifting operation hazards, steps to identifying them and methods to suitably control risks... Read more »