Basic First Aid

There are a number of reasons why basic first aid is so important, such as encouraging general safety, preventing casualties’ conditions from worsening and, ultimately, saving lives. Ideally, everyone would have a knowledge of what basic first aid is, why it is important, how to apply it and what do to in an emergency. Basic… Read more »

Health and Safety Introduction

E-learning Course Content The aim of the Health and Safety Introduction course is to enable your staff to recognise why it’s important to work safely, and to understand how to handle certain key workplace risks. Having completed the standard induction course your learners will be able to: State why health and safety is everyone’s responsibility… Read more »

NEBOSH Construction Certificate

NEBOSH Construction in the Form of E-learning This NEBOSH Construction Certificate E-learning course is right for you if you are a manager, supervisor or worker within the construction or utilities industry, or if you are the manager of a building or a facility where you supervise contractors. It is also well suited to anyone who wishes to… Read more »

An Introduction to Working at Heights

Introduction to Working at Heights E-learning Working at heights brings with it a lot of dangers and falling from a height is the most common cause of a death on the job. Based on research by the HSE, it is the cause of death in almost three out of every 10 fatal accidents in working environments. This… Read more »

Stress in the Workplace Risk Assessment

Work-related stress accounts for over a third of all new incidences of ill health in the UK each year and each case of stress-related ill health leads to over 30 working days lost. This Stress in the Workplace Risk Assessment E-learning course will enable users and managers to identify early signs of stress and take timely remedial… Read more »

RSI Risk Assessment

RSI, also known as occupational overuse syndrome, work-related upper limb injury or isometric contraction myopathy, is caused by overuse of the muscles of the hands, wrists, arms or shoulders on a frequent and repeated basis. This RSI Risk Assessment E-learning course will enable managers to quickly identify workers at risk. Target Audience Every worker potentially exposed to… Read more »

Staying Safe with Vehicles

Most organisations either use vehicles on their premises or require employees to drive or ride in vehicles on the public road. Although many people own a vehicle of their own, they often remain ignorant of health and safety risks and important safety precautions. This lack of knowledge vastly increases the risks associated with working with… Read more »

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Musculoskeletal Disorders are the most common cause of occupational ill health in Great Britain. This Manual Handling Risk Assessment E-learning course will enable managers and users to understand the risks associated with manual handling and take appropriate measures to reduce them. Target Audience Every worker potentially exposed to the relevant risks Elearning Course Content Load position Body… Read more »

IOSH Food Safety Foundation in Catering

IOSH Food Safety Foundation in Catering E-learning is essential for any food business that aims to create and encourage a food safety culture. it is a legal requirement for staff involved in food handling to be adequately trained and supervised in line with their work activity. This highly interactive and engaging online Food Safety Foundation course… Read more »

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

Introducing the Refresher Course in E-learning Format The online IOSH Managing Safely Refresher e-learning course is aimed at managers and supervisors who have previously undertaken the full version of IOSH Managing Safely. It is IOSH’s view that it is best practice for IOSH Managing Safely certificate holders to renew their learning within a three year period, however… Read more »