On this page we have sourced a number of websites where you can find free health and safety downloads.

Free Health and Safety Downloads From the HSE Website

The HSE provide heaps of information and free downloads including all sorts of leaflets and publications. You can visit their site to search, view and download docs by clicking on the weblink below which will take you to a list of topics of interest.

Looking for a simple and inexpensive health and safety policy? Download an example policy by visiting the web page below. You can tailor the contents of the policy to suit your circumstances. You are required to insert the names and titles of your managers, include your own organisation diagram for health and safety management and amend the various responsibilities included at the end. (details of where to put this info is included on the download).

If your organisation is more complex or you feel the free health and safety downloads aren’t suitable then visit our health and safety policy page to make an enquiry.

Thousands of free health and safety downloads in multiple formats. The following website has kindly put together a large range of documents for you to download free of charge. The documents and materials on the below web page have been generously provided by professional instructors, trainers, lecturers, consultants and students who in particular want to help others with their studies.