It’s not every day you come across UK organisations giving away free health and safety tests, however on this page we provide you with information and links to websites and organisations offering free safety testing.

Sometimes there are terms attached to such offerings and sometimes you may be required to fall in to a certain category of learning needs to be eligible for these freebies.

In an ideal world all safety tests would be free however unfortunately this is not an ideal world and subsequently most health and safety tests come with a price tag. There are however a handful of UK organisations which are able to offer something for nothing, take a look below.

FREE Online Health and Safety Test

Veritas Consulting are a UK health and safety consultancy firm which have a free online tool for assessing your company’s health and safety. This free tool can be used to conduct a basic audit of your company’s safety. Once you’ve completed the test, it will provide you with a free online report to keep outlining what you know and what you don’t know.