Take H&S Advice from a Professional

Get health and safety advice from a professionally qualified health and safety adviser. Safety should never be taken lightly. It is important to get the right advice and guidance. The first port of call for health and safety advice is often the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), however they will generally only give you basic information or point you in the right direction e.g. advise you speak to commercial health and safety advisers. If you are a small, medium or larger business, whether it be a shop, office, service provider, manufacturing unit, warehouse, sub-contractor or even a work at home you can contact us for health and safety advice. Many of our suppliers and health and safety consultants offer a free initial health and safety assessment and review, however this can be discussed at over telephone after you submit your enquiry using our simple and easy to use online enquiry form.

Advice for New Companies and those New to Health and Safety

You have recognised the need to manage health and safety effectively, however perhaps you are not quite sure how, or where to begin. We can help with:

For Companies with Some Health and Safety Measures in Place

You may already have the basics of health and safety in place, however for a number of reasons (e.g. business expansion, insurance company requirements) you wish to formalise the measures. We can arrange advice for:
  • Preparing policies, manuals, procedures
  • Auditing your systems
  • Supporting your ‘Competent Person’ or, if you do not have anyone suitable we can arrange for someone to fulfil this role for you.
  • Companies with established health and safety management systems which require some improvement
You may have internally or externally generated pressures for continuous improvement in health and safety. We can arrange to:
  • Set up a strategy
  • Develop objectives and targets
  • Prioritise action plans
  • Improve communications and effectiveness

Looking for Health & Safety E-learning?

If you’re looking for health & safety e-learning courses try our new e-learning website envicourse.com, it enables learners and training buyers to purchase health & safety e-learning and distance learning courses from almost any country in the world and in your local currency!

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