E-Learning is becoming more and more popular thanks to the spread of the Internet in homes and workplaces throughout the UK. There is no need to attend training centres or to request tutors to attend your place of work as the course materials are able to be delivered online. This is known as e-learning and distance learning and many of the health and safety training courses are able to be taken using this use of technology.

One excellent course that is available via online learning is the IOSH Managing Safely e-learning course. The course is aimed at supervisors and managers within any organisation who have responsibilities to help manage the health and safety of the company. The course gives a wide amount of knowledge and excellent skills which can be transferred into the workplace immediately.

Prepare to Manage Health and Safety in Your Own Time

The course content is delivered online and the assessment is also completed online so there is no need for any travel to be undertaken. If you are giving the course to your employees you can assign time within the working day for your employees to take the training. Those who would prefer to learn from home are also able to, avoiding the need to take time away from work. The course can be taken at the candidates own time, in the evening, at weekends, any time that suits the individual. With up to six months to complete the training there is no need to panic over deadlines.

The content of the IOSH Managing Safely course covers plenty of important topics including:

  • How to work while protecting the environment
  • How to identify the hazards and risks in the workplace
  • Knowing the responsibilities of the managers and supervisors regarding health and safety
  • How to assess the risks and control them using various strategies, systems and techniques
  • How to investigate accidents and incidents at work
  • How to measure performance

Anyone taking the e-learning IOSH Managing Safely course will need to have access to a PC that is connected to the Internet.  To learn more about the PC requirements visit the course page or contact our team by calling: 0844 567 6750.