If you have employees who are constantly off work for illnesses or have a poor performance record, they could be experiencing poor health caused by their working conditions. There are many problems that can be avoided thanks to health and safety training and certification that train managers and supervisors to improve the wellbeing of employees, saving the organisation time and money. Health of workers must not be ignored, and if their condition is caused by their working conditions or role within your organisation, you have a legal duty to do everything as practically possible to reduce those risks and help maintain their good health.

The wellbeing training helps to reduce the costs associated with unhealthy employees. During 2009 employee absences cost businesses £17billion. The costs are caused by:

  • Salary costs
  • Employee replacements
  • Time lost
  • Loss of productivity
  • Sick pay
  • Staff cover

Therefore, can you afford to ignore issues that could also land you in trouble with the Health and Safety Executive? By improving the management of the wellbeing at work you could not only help improve the lives of your employees and their families, but you could also save a huge amount of money.

One of the ideal courses to choose is the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing. The course contains many excellent topics that will benefit your business greatly such as:

  • Identifying what the main causes of sickness absences are within the organisation
  • The pre-employment screening
  • Legal framework and the Regulations
  • Misuse of substances within an organisation
  • Control measures
  • Recording and monitoring sickness

The idea is to ensure that the way work is performed isn’t causing risks for the individual. The candidates will learn how to make records of absences and spot problems that can be solved before the cost of absences skyrockets as the condition deteriorates. Combine well-being management with health and safety and you should see an improvement in the overall health of your employees.

If you would like to reduce costs and improve the health of your workforce, consider booking a place on this excellent health and safety course that focuses on individual health.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Courses to Consider