Any planning supervisors could benefit greatly in their career by undertaking CDM coordinator training. The training course can be the best method of going on to become a coordinator but it can also be greatly beneficial to anyone involved in the design process including clients and contractors.

Choosing the right course is essential, and you should make sure that the units have been built around the CDM Regulations 2007. This will ensure all the skills which are required by a coordinator are covered.

Another point to focus on is whether or not the course is recognised. There are many excellent courses to choose from, just check before enrolling that the certificate you earn is able to be used as proof of your skills and abilities by the ACoP. The course should focus on improving communication skills as understanding, cooperation and coordination is vital when working on a project. As a coordinator you will need to be able to work closely with everyone on the project including the clients, designers and the contractors.

Choose the CDM Training Course

By choosing the CDM Coordinator training course you will leave with many skills and a certificate. During the training which lasts for two days you will be taught in areas such as:

  • How to identify procedures needed for the communication, cooperation and coordination of the project
  • Understand why competence is necessary when it comes to resourcing
  • The CDM Regulations
  • How the CDM Regulations apply to everyone working on the project from clients to the contractors
  • How to create and examine a safety plan
  • Know what is required for the health and safety file
  • How to advise clients on their legal duties
  • Understand risk assessments

CDM Coordinator Training

Whether you are looking to improve your career prospects, or if you are an employee looking to train your employers you can benefit greatly by providing the right training. There are CDM Coordinator training courses available all year round in many different locations. If you would like to find out more about the course or book a place on a course near you just call the experts on 0844 576 6750 and ask for assistance.