There are two excellent courses that are ideal for supervisors in the construction industry. Being such a high risk industry it is necessary to provide your staff with a high level of training to reduce the health and safety risks. It’s possible to book your supervisors on the courses and help them to gain the necessary skills and qualifications they need to help you comply with legislation. Two courses for you to consider are the SSSTS and the CCNSG Supervisor course.

What is the Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme?

The SSSTS stands for the Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme. It’s a two day course that will focus your supervisors attention on the importance of risk assessments. They will learn vital skills such as how to communicate with other employees, how to introduce and implement control measures, how to monitor work and produce the risk assessments themselves. By the end of the training the supervisors will have gained many excellent techniques that will benefit everyone within your organisation.

What is the CCNSG Supervisor Course?

The CCNSG supervisor training last for only one day unlike the SSSTS. The idea of this course is to ensure the supervisor is aware of the legislation and what they need to do to help reduce the risks while working in line with the current health and safety legislations. The course covers risk assessments, controlling risks, monitoring, time management and it will also go over their role and responsibility as a supervisor.

Both of these courses are excellent, they will give your team of supervisors many necessary skills and a qualification that is recognised. The CCNSG is valid for three years and will need to be refreshed before the passport runs out if the candidate is to remain qualified. Similarly the SSSTS also has to be refreshed and both of these refresher courses can be organised quickly.

Call us on 0808 1966 830 whether you wish to book a place on the SSSTS, the CCNSG Safety Passport or any of the refresher courses.

Construction Health and Safety Courses

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