Be Aware of Your legal Responsibilities

Before you accept the role of a manager you need to be aware of the implications it can have on your life. You will earn more money and it’s a great advancement to make in your construction career. However, managers have legal duties to meet and can face prosecution by the health and safety executive if they are found to be failing the workers by not complying with health and safety law..

Know How to Spot Hazards and Reduce the Risks

Site Management Safety Training Scheme courses provide managers with all the information they need about their responsibilities. It teaches the law, the health and safety at work Act and the CDM regulations. The managers will learn what could happen to them if they fail to follow regulations and shows how important it is to do everything possible to avoid problems with the health and safety management on site

Knowing legal responsibilities isn’t enough and the site manager’s safety training scheme doesn’t stop there. It also gives excellent techniques that can be used in the workplace. One of the most important techniques to use is risk assessments. These are a legal requirement and can be used to reduce the risks very effectively. Each job is carefully analysed. The people and the methods of work are looked at and the hazards can be revealed.

The risks are then controlled by introducing safe working methods and making alterations to the way the work is carried out. The manager may decide that more people need to be assigned to the job, which protective gear needs to be used or new equipment needs to be acquired in order to reduce the risks. A method statement and a safe system of work are both then created and the findings of the assessment are discussed with the people who are put at risk.

Educate Managers With CITB Accredited Training

What makes SMSTS courses so popular in construction? They are recognised throughout the construction industry as a respected qualification. The course is delivered over a five day period in a classroom setting. Trained tutors teach vital skills that every manager needs in order to manage the health and safety of the site effectively. It’s a course that is chosen by employers who need to provide training to their managers. It is also chosen by those who want to improve their careers and become managers in the future. The CITB qualification is an excellent choice to make if you are looking to get trained as it gives a good basis in general health and safety for managers plus is provides information on the latest legislation and good practice guidelines.

The course teaches risk assessment and method statement skills but it also looks into a wide variety of jobs that are found in construction including working in confined spaces, demolition, scaffolding, excavations and manual handling. The managers also look into setting up sites safely.

All these skills taught on the training courses provide an excellent background in health and safety for all managers. At the end of the training the certificate is awarded to successful candidates and this is valid for five years. It shows the manager has the skills required to do their job and that they are aware of what is legally required from them.