Site managers have a lot of responsibilities placed on their shoulders. One of these responsibilities is the moral and legal duty they have to helping the proprietor manage health and safety on the site. This means they have to be aware of the consequences that come by failing to meet this responsibility and have the training, so they are able to carry out the work. There are many courses that can give managers the skills needed for their job, but SMSTS courses are one of the most popular ones available, here’s why.

Well-Known and Highly Regarded Training

It’s important to have qualifications that show others what level of training the individual has. The qualifications can help to secure new clients, new contracts and to provide proof when needed that sufficient training has been provided to the individual. The SMSTS has an excellent reputation throughout the country and is nationally recognised. This is certainly beneficial to your business and to the individual you send to become qualified. It will show that your site manager is ready to start working immediately and will come with the knowledge that he needs to help maintain the health and safety on the site.

Quick and In-depth Training

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme is delivered and fully completed in only five days. Throughout the five days the tutor will go over the course elements and give each individual the education they need to pass the course. It’s a course that requires full attendance as there are exercises to complete on each day. The final assessment takes place once all of the course materials have been covered. The exam must be passed successfully in order for the individual to gain the Site Management Safety Training Certificate.

Staying Updated

One of the problems with health and safety is that the laws are always changing. It’s vital that managers are able to adapt and learn new techniques quickly. Staying on top of their legal responsibilities is also a must, just as it is for business owners. The CITB have made sure all managers with this qualification remain updated and on the ball. They have achieved this by making the certificate valid for five years. Once the certificate is about to expire, the individual will need to attend a SMSTS refresher course. The refresher lasts for only two days but will make sure the manager is still focusing on health and safety and complying with all the current safety regulations.

Where is the Training Held?

If you have five or more people attending the courses, it’s worth considering in-house training. Tutors will come to your work premises and deliver the course and materials at a reduced price. It’s a great way of reducing the costs and making attending the course a lot easier for those individuals seeking SMSTS qualification; having said that, the course is available all over the UK. There are many learning centres situated in towns and cities so travel times to and from the course can be kept down to a minimum. There are usually courses running each week so it’s simple to book a place and have the individuals trained within weeks. Often, we’re asked is the SMSTS training available online? – if you have time take a few moments to read the post so that we can answer this question.

The site manager course is an excellent qualification as it provides the latest skills and techniques used to manage health and safety. The course lasts only five days and it’s found easily all over the UK. Best of all it is highly regarded as one of the best courses for managers and is recognised throughout the industry.

Managers must be trained to help manage the health and safety on the site. The site management courses are fast but packed full of everything your manager needs to meet their legal responsibility.

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