Construction health and safety can be managed effectively providing supervisors and managers are given the right training. There are various NEBOSH courses that are available at this level, one of which is the NEBOSH Construction Certificate. This is a suitable qualification for anyone that is given health and safety responsibilities during the day to day activities on site.

Be Prepared for Health and Safety Management

The information and skills provided by the course content will teach candidates how to make the right decisions to help reduce health and safety risks. They will also learn about the importance of communication, recording and reviewing and implementing strategies for various working scenarios that will be in line with the law and Regulations surrounding health and safety in the construction industry.

There are three units that need to be completed. The first unit can be skipped if the candidate has already completed and passed the first unit of the General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. It covers the management of health and safety covering topics such as control, audits and reviews, organising health and safety and how to promote a strong culture of health and safety within the organisation.

The second unit focuses more on how to control and manage the hazards which are found within the construction industry. The laws are looked at in greater detail and each candidate will learn about the importance of recognising hazards found in the construction industry and how to control them. Various working situations are covered along with equipment, vehicles and people control.

Unit three is all about the practical application of the skills that have been covered. The candidates are expected to complete a safety inspection on a construction site and this will be assessed and contribute to whether the candidate will pass or fail the course.

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate course is able to be completed in a class room setting or taken at work or even at home through distance learning. You can book your employees or yourself on the training by completing the simple online form or by calling our team on 0808 1966 830.

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