All workplace are required to go through process fire precautions. The precautions must be put in place to reduce the chances of a fire breaking out. That’s not all, they are also needed to help reduce the spread and intensity of a fire should one breakout. The precautions are a requirement that are enforced by the Health and Safety Executive as well as local authorities, and you can learn more about them by attending the NEBOSH Fire Certificate training course.

There are various precautions, they can include:

  • Ensuring there is suitable ventilation systems surrounding flammable gases and vapours
  • Extraction systems that will allow you to safely remove materials that are combustible
  • Choosing equipment that will not become a source of ignition, raising the risks of a fire starting
  • Suitable storage and management for flammable liquids and materials

There are several Acts that the process fire precautions are included:

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is a course that is provided all year round. It is suitable for managers, supervisors and all personnel that must take fire safety into consideration under their role at work. In order to help control fire risks it is necessary to conduct fire risk assessments, learn how to prevent fires and use protective measures. All of these topics and more are covered on the training course with the content being split into three units.

All those attending the course will be tested to ensure they have an excellent understanding of the course content. The learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding the legal framework
  • Understanding the procedures and principles of investigating fires
  • Learning the causes of fires, understanding ignition and the risk of fire and explosions
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Fire evacuation procedures
  • Fire protection and preventing fires

There is a practical assignment which is an excellent way of putting the fire risk assessment skills into practice. This is part of the assessment process and will contribute to the candidates passing the course, so it has to be completed within two weeks of the course coming to an end.

Learn more about fire prevention techniques and risks by attending the NEBOSH Fire Certificate.

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