Many aspects of construction are taught in a practical fashion. Health and safety on the other hand needs to be approached in a classroom setting to ensure you understand your legal and moral duties fully. If you are a business owner, a manager, supervisor or are given a role of responsibility on site you will need health and safety training to protect you and the people under your control.

One of the most suitable health and safety courses to choose is the NEBOSH construction certificate. This is an excellent course that covers multiple topics in just three units. You will learn about how to manage health and safety, how to identify hazards and finally the practical application of health and safety. By the end of the course you should leave with plenty of knowledge and worthy skills that will prepare you for your role of responsibility within the construction industry.

Construction and the Law

There are multiple regulations that you must work within to help keep control of the risks and hazards found in this dangerous industry. If you fail to abide by these regulations and legislation you risk being prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive, even if there is no accident or incident to report. When being prosecuted you could be fined, the company you work for could also be fined and you could even face a custodial sentence.
Understanding the laws and regulations gives you knowledge of how to avoid breaching them through your management or supervisory role. On the NEBOSH Construction Certificate you will look at these laws and the basic foundations of health and safety to protect you against prosecution. You will be taught plenty of techniques that can be applied and used to show the HSE that you are complying with the laws.

Facts about the NEBOSH Construction Certificate

If you are interested in the NEBOSH Construction Certificate you will need to book your place online or by speaking to a training advisor. The course can be taken in a classroom setting or you can enrol on a distance learning course so you are able to study at home or in designated time in the workplace.

Construction laws cannot be ignored. Book your place on a suitable health and safety training course and gain control.

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