If you are looking for the best candidates for construction managers and supervisors then you need health and safety qualifications. In the modern world of construction health and safety it is paramount. Health and safety laws have saved potentially thousands of lives in construction since they were introduced.

Before these laws were in place there were no real guidelines when it comes to safe working practices. Many people were involved in serious accidents that could have been avoided had the right measures been in place. Health and safety is a critical part of the modern construction industry and training in this area a vital asset for all managers and supervisors.

A NEBOSH Construction Certificate can offer reputable and comprehensive training for construction managers and supervisors.

NEBOSH offers some of the most respected and widely recognised qualifications for health and safety training. With such a qualification you can be sure you are hiring candidates that can offer you comprehensive and up-to-date skills and knowledge when it comes to complying with health and safety laws and making your working environments safer.

NEBOSH qualifications are globally accepted and candidates possessing these qualifications may be academically entitled to Associated Membership with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and Construction Safety Associate membership with the Association for Project Safety (APS). This provides an excellent addition to your employee skills base and helps you to make sure you are providing the right health and safety at work.

How do I Find Trained Applicants?

It is important when you are writing the advert for your job posting that you tell potential applicants what you need from them. This will help to narrow down the field and attract the ideal applicants to your post. If you need health and safety training then make sure you list this on your job advert.

  • There are also lots of useful online resources that can help you zero in on those ideal applicants for the positions you have available.
  • CV matching is easy to do online. This is when applicants looking for jobs post their CV’s on a specialist recruitment website.
  • The employer can then post their job advert on the same site and with a list of those skills, qualifications and attributes they are searching for.
  • The website engine can then automatically match the job advert with the most relevant CV’s currently in the database.
  • This is a fast and easy way for job seekers and job advertisings to meet up online and find the perfect match.
  • This will also help you find those ideal candidates that may not have otherwise thought of applying for a job with you.

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