If you have a desire to actually make a difference in construction then the NEBOSH Construction Certificate is what you need to make every day decisions concerning health and safety in the construction industry. These training courses are the foundation you will need when it comes to safety management ramifications. This certificate is broken up into 3 units of training, and these are: Unit-NGC 1- Management of Health and Safety, Unit-NCC2 – Managing and Controlling Hazards in Construction Activities, and Unit-NCC3 – Construction Health and Safety Practical Application.

Certificate Units

Unit 1 will cover the foundations of health and safety, policy, getting organised for health and safety, promoting a positive health and safety culture, risk assessment, principles of control, monitoring review and audit, and then incident and accident investigation, recording and reporting. It seems that most employers prefer hiring workers who have the NEBOSH construction certificate. One reason is they are guaranteed efficiency, proficiency and capability of the employee. The second reason is that the chance of mishaps and accidents is reduced or eliminated all together.

Unit 2 will get into construction law and management, the hazards and control of the following: construction site; movement of people and vehicles; manual and mechanical handling; work equipment; electrical; chemical and biological health; physical and psychological health; working at height; excavation work and confined spaces; demolition. With areas of construction life being an accident waiting to happen, this NEBOSH course shows them to you and then how to control them. It covers every possible aspect. That’s why the construction certificate is so important.

Unit 3 is the construction health and safety practical application. You will do your own safety inspection and write your own report. This is where you use your training. The construction certificate along with your health and safety experience leads to bigger and better things. This training class helps you to be aware of the dangers on construction sites with the knowledge to put into practice everything you have learned in the first three units. You will be able to help control every situation that could come up in the construction world.

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