It is shocking to find out that in 2009 absence from work cost businesses £17 billion. If you have a problem with absences and the relating costs you may benefit greatly from bringing in new health and wellbeing management within your organisation. Occupational health and safety training courses provided by NEBOSH can help you to introduce new management methods to help reduce the number of absences within your workforce, and save your company money.

The Health and Wellbeing of Your Workforce Needs to be a Consideration

With better management systems in place it’s possible to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing within your work force, and reduce the number of days being taken off, as well as reducing staff turnover. This type of management has significant financial benefits for any company, and research has shown that a healthy worker is up to three times more productive, another reason why wellbeing management training is worthwhile.

The course is suitable for all employees who you would like to help contribute to your health wellbeing management team. The candidates will learn a number of valuable skills such as how to apply the pre-screening process for new employees as well as the fitness to work standards and the Equality Act. They will learn about promoting health within your organisation and the legal framework of the regulations which must be adhered to. Other topics covered include:

  • What makes a healthy working environment
  • How to identify the main causes of illness and sickness
  • The use and benefits of using recording and monitoring
  • Potential misuse of substances in the workplace
  • Effects of health on work
  • How work patterns can affect health
  • Outline responsibilities and duties of the health professionals and human resources

Anyone taking the course will be able to achieve the NEBOSH Management of Health and Wellbeing at Work Certificate providing they pass the 2 hour written exam, and practical assessment. If you are an employer you can arrange the training for your employees by contacting our team of friendly advisors. Simply call our offices on 0844 576 6750 for help finding the right course for you.