While working in an office environment might not be high risk, there is still health and safety issues to take into account. All employers must comply with the laws in place and providing training is a must to help educate employees and reduce the risks which increase through lack of awareness. Accredited health and safety courses are the best form of training. They will be based on the guidelines provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and legislation.

Tips on Complying with HSE Regulations in the Office

  1. Risk assessments are a must. Assessments are used to evaluate tasks and locate all of the hazards associated with the task. The information is then used to come up with ways of eliminating or reducing the risk through safe methods of work, the introduction of equipment and aids or finding new solutions.
  2. Take out Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance and have the certificate on display somewhere within the office.
  3. Anyone who employs more than five people must create a health and safety policy stating how health and safety is managed within their organisation. This is also a good idea for anyone with less than five employees although it’s not compulsory.
  4. Give your employees health and safety training suitable for their level of responsibility. All employees should be aware of their personal responsibility and understand the importance of health and safety at work. Managers and supervisors will require more in-depth training. It’s also essential for all employees to be trained to perform their specific tasks safely.
  5. Work with your employees to constantly monitor and improve the safety in the office. Your employees should be aware of whom to contact if they have any concerns or if they spot any problems. You must make sure you communicate what their responsibilities are and show them any safe working methods which will help them to stay safe while at work.
  6. You must have washing facilities, fresh drinking water and adequate toilets for all of your employees. If you have disabled workers they must have easy access to all of these facilities.
  7. Print health and safety posters or leaflets about the health and safety laws for your employers to read. Have this information constantly available.

Suitable Health and Safety Training Courses

If you are looking for suitable training courses for your employees one to consider is NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work. The course is designed for supervisors and managers as well as HR professionals. The course is available throughout the UK and takes just three days to complete. It’s an in-depth course designed to help your employees understand the basic health and safety principles such as risk assessments and control strategies. An alternative to this course is the IOSH Managing Safely qualification.

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