Fires are devastating. They destroy businesses, buildings and can cause trauma, injuries and cost people their lives. Fires have to be prevented through careful management and prepared for should the worst happen. It is essential for all those in business to understand the risks and learn how to control them, which is the purpose of the NEBOSH Fire Certificate.

Learn More about the Fire Qualification

If you have employees who have completed the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety they would benefit by increasing their skills and attending the NEBOSH Fire Certificate course. To gain a position the candidates needs to have successfully passed the General Certificate in the past five years, or at least completed the first unit titles Management of Safety and Health. If you have not completed the first unit successfully you can do so by taking it first. View the entire range of NEBOSH courses available.

There are two units in the fire certificate that need to be completed. The first one focuses on the fire safety and risk management and the second involves a practical assessment. During the short course the candidates learn about the legal framework that all businesses must be aware of and follow. Fires are looked at in great detail so the individuals will know about ignition, how fire spreads and what causes explosions at work. The investigation process is also examined so they can be understood.

Learn the Value of Fire Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are used to help determine what the fire hazards are and the dangers they present. On the fire certificate the candidates will produce simple fire risk assessments and learn how to work with the findings to come up with suitable control measures.

At the end of the training each of the candidates will have to complete a practical assessment which makes up unit two. This involves completing a fire risk assessment at work and has to be completed once the course has come to an end. There is a window of two weeks for the assessment to be completed and to be submitted to NEBOSH so it can be assessed. Failure to pass the second unit will require a resit.

Qualification and Study Options

Those who successfully pass the course are awarded with the NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management. The certificate usually arrives within 12 weeks of the course coming to an end and it is recognised throughout the UK so it’s of benefit to the candidate and to your organisation.

You are able to sign up your employees to a course at a local learning centre or arrange to have the training held in your workplace if that is suitable. Candidates also have the option of signing up for the training themselves thanks to the flexibility of the distance learning option.

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is an excellent course. Reducing the risks and applying control measures benefits the business and the work force.

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