If you overlook health and safety issues in the construction industry it can have devastating effects. The construction industry is one of the most dangerous and needs to be carefully managed to reduce the risks. Everyone on the site must be trained in some level of health and safety, appropriate to their level of responsibility on site, within the organisation and based on the work they must carried out. For basic training look no further than the CCNSG Safety Passport.

Avoiding Accidents

Knowing the causes of accidents helps to reduce the risks faced by everyone. Being able to spot risks and knowing how to work safely can make a huge difference to the number of accidents that occur on the site. Teaching the importance of awareness to the entire team on site will benefit the individual and the workers on a whole. By choosing a course that will deliver these basic skills and provide each successful candidate with a nationally recognised qualification will help to show compliance with the law, reduce costs that come after accidents or occupational illnesses and reduce the risk of being prosecuted for breaching health and safety laws.

Several learning Outcomes on the Safety Passport Course

The ECITB accredited Safety Passport proves that each holder is able to:
  • Understand the health and safety laws relevant to them
  • Understand the safe working practices for various types of work that are found within construction such as: access and exits, scaffolding, excavations, heavy equipment
  • Understand first aid procedures
  • Understand noise procedures
  • The theories of manual handling
  • Fire precautions
All these learning outcomes and more are taught by expert tutors over a two day period. Each person who passes is awarded with a qualification or their CV plus a passport that proves they are ready to work on site and are trained in basic health and safety. Before sending anyone on the CCNSG training it’s important to make sure they are suitable. While no formal qualifications are required to sign up it is important that each candidate has a good verbal and written understanding of English. If you have any questions or you would like to book a place on the next suitable course please call us on 0808 1966 830.

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