When working on roofs all individuals are being put at high risk. These risks come from working at heights and they need to be controlled in order to reduce the potential for an accident from occurring. Training is therefore required, something made readily available from health and safety providers including NEBOSH and the IOSH.

Risk assessments play an important role when it comes to safely working at height. The risks have to be identified and then either eliminated or reduced through the introduction of additional workers, safety protection gear and equipment and useful training. There are many dangers that are always present including falling through fragile materials, falling off the edges of the roof or using machinery and equipment when not stable.

Planning Plays a Huge Role in Safety

Working at height is extremely dangerous and the figures provided by the Health and Safety Executive highlight the dangers. Roofers account for around 24% of the employees that are killed when working at height. The most common reason for these falls is because the workers have fallen through the materials on the roof such as the roof lights and roofing sheets, made from asbestos sheets.

Before work commences it’s important to conduct risk assessments, safe systems of work and to create method statements. The method statement needs to show how prevention and control methods are to be used and what the dangers are present to both the workers and the people that could be walking below, including the public. All of the findings have to be shared with those that will be working at height. Additional training has to be provided if necessary. Safe access to the roof must be provided as well as safety equipment and protective gear that could prevent an accident or protect the individual should they fall.

Get the Health and Safety Training You Need

If you are self-employed or an employer you will need to have health and safety training. If you are not working on the site you will need to ensure all of your supervisors and managers have training to keep everyone safe.

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