Managers have a huge amount of responsibility placed on their shoulders every minute of every day. Site management involves many different skills, one of which is health and safety. It is the responsibility of the manager to help to reduce the risks on site and manage all of the contractors and subcontractors to ensure that all work performed doesn’t add any unnecessary risks to anyone’s health and safety.

Managers not only have a moral duty to help protect others, they are also bound by laws such as the Health and Safety at Work Act and the CDM. More regulations are applied when dealing with machinery too, and it can be very difficult to ensure that they are aware of each regulation and show compliance. Compliance needs to be seen as it can help to prevent prosecution if an accident should occur, and it also helps to prevent Notices being handed out by Health and Safety Executive Inspectors carrying out spot checks.

How to Stay On Top of the Health and Safety on Site

Health and safety training is essential and one of the most appropriate courses for managers to attend is the SMSTS course provided by the CITB. The course lasts just five days. In those five days managers are provided with a large amount of valuable information and skills which can help to reduce the risks, improve health and safety management skills and develop an understanding of the laws and legal system.

The SMSTS training is suitable for all construction site managers and SSSTS for supervisors. It is also a good course for all construction business owners to attend to help them understand what is required by them and their managerial staff. During the five days the CDM is looked at in detail and you will learn vital skills such as site set up and communication skills.

Other core elements include risk assessments and method statements. Risk assessments play a very important role in the health and safety in the workplace. By being aware of the risks and hazards it is possible to reduce the dangers by finding ways of working safely using training, machinery and safe methods of work. Call 0808 1966 830 if you would like to find out more.

Construction and Health and Safety Courses