IOSH is on a mission. This mission is to make the world safer and more sustainable for everyone. IOSH aims to improve health and safety across the board and ensure that working and public environments are safe places to be. Here are just 5 important things you need to know about IOSH.

1. What is IOSH?

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is known as IOSH. This is a global chartered organisation for health and safety which regulates professionals all around the world. IOSH was founded back in 1945 and in the 1960’s became an officially recognised registered charity. IOSH has over 40,000 members across the world and is at the forefront of international health and safety.

2. What does IOSH do?

IOSH aims to improve health and safety standards worldwide by utilising a number of methods including:

  • Raising awareness of health and safety issues through publicity campaigns, debates, demonstrations and online media.
  • Offering health and safety training for a wide range of sectors including business, health and education.
  • Lobbying governments across the world for improvements to health and safety policy and regulation.
  • Providing expert guidance on the latest developments in health and safety to businesses, educational boards, governments and the general public.

3. You Could Benefit from IOSH Training

IOSH are one of the leading providers of health and safety training in the world. This institution has a network of nearly 2,000 training centres across the world which offer recognised certificates in health and safety. One of the easiest ways to find an IOSH trained expert in your local area is to go online. You could even become an expert yourself as a range of IOSH courses and course dates are available online and you can search through upcoming events to find the one most relevant to you.

4. Becoming a Training Provider

You can become an IOSH training provider. This means businesses can then offer their own in-house health and safety training to help ensure all their staff are fully trained and complying with health and safety legislation.

5. Saving Money with IOSH

Accidents can not only cause injuries and fatalities but they can also cost businesses financially. Millions of pounds every year are lost in the UK economy due to accidents at work. Many of these accidents can be avoided with the right management and implementation of health and safety legislation. IOSH can show businesses ways to improve health and safety standards and reduce the risks of costly accidents happening in the work place.

Many companies are already seeing the returns on their health and safety investments. By protecting your workforce you can improve working standards, increase productivity and reduce the risks of losing money through accidents at work.

What is IOSH?

If you do not know the answer to the question ‘what is IOSH’ then you need to do your homework now. Finding out more about IOSH could save you money and increase the safety and health standards in your workplace.