According to the European Environment Agency the UK managed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 6% during 2011. This is more than any other country in Europe in absolute terms, followed by France managing to reduce their emissions by 5% and Germany by 2%. Thanks to excellent environmental management systems these reductions are helping to make a difference to the environment and making steps towards hitting targets. It is thought that the warmer winter was able to help the reduction as fossil fuels were less in demand.

Sadly there were some states in the EU that increased their emissions including Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania. However despite these rises these are the countries that have made some of the biggest emission cuts overall since 1990.

How are Your Environmental Management Systems?

By implementing systems it is possible to cut greenhouse gas emissions even if the winter is milder. You can learn techniques in this area by completing environmental management training courses. One such course is the IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management course. This is an excellent option for anyone that has responsibilities in the
organisations environmental issues.

Through the course materials and with the help of trained tutors you will be guided through many different topics to benefit you in your work. The course includes elements such as:

  • Understanding the natural systems of the earth and the impact of society on the environment
  • Learning practical ways that organisations can reduce impact through strategy and operations
  • Introduce controls that will ensure that operations don’t pollute the environment
  • Introducing control measures to comply with legislation
  • How to design processes that will help to assess and manage the environmental performance of the organisation
  • Identifying global and local environmental issues and how they can contribute to managing your organisation

The IEMA have many excellent environmental management courses for all sorts of levels of requirement. If you are looking to introduce new managerial systems or simply raise awareness within your workplace you will be sure to find a suitable course by calling us on 0844 576 6750. Some of the courses are available to study online so if you are worried about taking the time out of work you may be able to find a suitable alternative.