IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management Course

The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course is suitable for those looking to improve their standard of professional competence in environmental management. Attendees will benefit greatly by completing the environmental management training. The certificate has been designed to develop environmental knowledge and assess it to the latest standards that were revised in March 2012.

Candidates that successfully complete the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course will be working towards competence in the following learning outcomes:

  • Understanding environmental and sustainability principles
  • Understanding environmental policy issues
  • Understanding key environmental legislation and compliance measures
  • Understanding environmental management and sustainable development in a business context
  • Apply environmental management and assessment tools
  • Collect, analyse and report on environmental information
  • Analyse problems and opportunities to produce sustainable solutions
  • Develop and implement programmes that deliver on environmental performance improvement
  • Influence behaviour to improve sustainability and introduce chance
  • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders

IEMA Membership, Certification & Examination

The candidates will need to complete an examination to prove they have been able to achieve the learning outcomes and understand the course contents. The successful candidates will be awarded with the IEMA Associate membership which is the essential qualification for those working in an environmental role.

Benefits of the IEMA Training

Employers will benefit by sending their employees on the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management. They will gain a highly skilled environmental manager with a professional qualification of the highest standards that is fully recognised and respected. The employee will be able to design, implement, communicate and manage sustainable environmental solutions.

Online Study Option

We offer the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management online course. All you need is a recent handheld device, modern laptop or personal computer and access to reliable broadband internet. You can study online at home or at work at your own pace and convenience.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements to take the training. However, it is essential that candidates have the numeracy and literacy skills that will allow them to complete the training and the examination.