Health and Safety in the construction industry is vital. Maintaining a safe construction site mean that workers are less likely to be involved in accidents. Accidents could lead to life changing injuries and even the loss of life. The SSSTS is a course designed to make sure that the supervisors of sites are able to adequately monitor and communicate safe methods of work to help prevent accidents and to help prevent prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive.

The Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme, is the course of choice for The Major Contractors Group. They demand that all their supervisors sit and pass this course successfully before they are allowed to supervise any of their sites. However, if you work for your own company or for someone else by showing you have skills in health and safety you can only improve your employability and show that you take this part of the job seriously.

The Importance of Risk Assessments

One of the main topics which are included in the SSSTS course is the importance of risk assessments. Failing to undertake risk assessments not only creates unsafe work places, it also leaves the supervisors at risk of prosecution.

Many deaths on construction sites are caused by falls from height, and it is a sad fact that many of the deaths could have been avoided with appropriate risk assessments and careful supervising of the work. The SSSTS training involves learning how to carry out risk assessments and also goes into the importance of method statements. Candidates will cover areas where risk assessments are used such as when working at height.

The syllabus not only focuses on creating risk assessments where height is involved. The other areas include: fire, electricity, control of contractors, working in confined spaces, demolition and the risks caused by noise on site. Other vital training includes learning the importance of the health and safety laws and how it is structured and also the demands set out for supervisors when it comes to safety on site.

Why Take a SSSTS Course?

If you are looking to become a supervisor, or are already working in a supervisory role the SSSTS certificate should be seen as an important asset. A simple two day course followed by a 25 multiple choice question exam will give you the knowledge and skills to show that you are complying with the health and safety demands set out by the laws and regulations relating to the workplace and the construction industry.

If you are looking to become a site manager the Site Supervisors Safety Training Course is a great basis to grow on. After completing the course and being awarded with the certificate you can go on to take part in the SMSTS course which is taught over five days and is designed for site managers and supervisors.

The SSSTS courses can be found locally to you. Find out more about the SSSTS syllabus by looking online for further information.

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