When you own a business one of the areas that you have to focus on is health and safety. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, whether you are self-employed or if you have five or five hundred staff; health and safety cannot be ignored. There are many different steps you have to take, one of which is to provide the right training to your employers, such as the NEBOSH General Certificate.

There are different times when you may need to give your employees training. If you have taken on a new employee with health and safety responsibilities they will need suitable training if they don’t come with it already in place. You may have decided to promote a supervisor or another worker in which case they might not have the qualification they need to match their new levels of responsibilities.

Who Needs Occupational Health and Safety Training?

While all employees need some level of health and safety training the NEBOSH General Certificate is suited to managers and people who have some level of responsibility or a hand in helping you to manage the health and safety within the company. It’s also a useful course for owners and directors too. This is because the course looks at the moral and legal duties that are involved in higher level management. It will give the individuals attending the course the information regarding how the legal system works and what could happen if they fail to maintain high standards of health and safety. This information is worth knowing as it can help to drill the importance of providing a safe place to work into their management techniques.

What Will Managers Gain by Attending the Training

Learning about morals and legalities is not the only purpose of the NEBOSH General Certificate. There are plenty of topics that will benefit each individual and the business as a whole. The course materials are delivered with the help of tutors who can provide answers and support the learning process in a classroom setting. The outcome of the training includes:

  • Candidates will be able to know the difference and the benefits of proactive and reactive monitoring measures
  • Candidates will be able to contribute towards the creation of fire safety procedures and reduce the risks of fire in the workplace
  • Managers will gain skills in spotting and identifying hazards
  • They will learn how to conduct a risk assessment and determine safe systems of work as a result of the findings of the risk assessment. In addition to performing risk assessments they will also learn about reviewing the assessments and recording the findings
  • The ability to be able to spot the risks that are caused by physical processes and understand how they can cause health problems and injuries. The candidates will then be able to find ways of introducing solutions to reduce these potential health problems by altering the work processes, introducing new equipment or other suitable methods.
  • Managers will leave with a clear understanding of the accident investigation and reporting processes and the procedures that need to be followed.

The NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety is available in multiple locations all over the UK. It’s possible to take the training online via distance learning if it’s not possible for the manager or you to attend the traditional classroom setting. Being so accessible and nationally recognised this is the best course to choose for all managers who need qualifications in occupational health and safety.

Give your managers the best training possible. The certificate is suitable for those who help you maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

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