As a supervisor you have a legal duty to all the workers who are under your supervision. That duty is to ensure they are kept as safe as possible from any potential health and safety risks. This requires training such as CITB SSSTS courses. By ignoring this responsibility you could face prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). So if you are working without any knowledge on how to manage this area of your job you have to ask yourself if you could live with the following:

  • Having the guilt of knowing an injury to a worker or member of the public could be a result of your own negligence
  • The death of a worker could have been prevented with health and safety measures
  • Attending court to be judged or plead guilty for breaking the law
  • Paying fines and court fees
  • Going to jail

Protect Yourself and Others with Supervisor Safety Training

As a supervisor it’s vital you are aware of how your work affects the entire site and that you can be held responsible in the eyes of the law. The only way to understand your duties and to help to reduce the risks to others and yourself is by having adequate training. On health and safety courses designed for supervisors you will be provided with the information that you will need regarding your responsibilities and the steps you have to take on site.

The SSSTS is an excellent course that will ensure you work within your own morals and the law. By following the course content and applying it to your work you can protect yourself from all of the issues listed above. You will leave knowing how to take steps to reduce risks such as:

You will also be educated about the Health and Safety Act and Regulations and the way the legal system works on the SSSTS. This will enable you to stay within the law and reduce the likelihood of being prosecuted should an accident or incident occur under your watch. By avoiding prosecution you will not have to worry about being fined or sent to jail for an injury or a fatality on site.

Take your role seriously by attending a suitable health and safety course such as the SSSTS. This course can be found all over the UK and will give you the qualification you need.

Health and Safety Courses to Consider