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What is Accident Investigation?

Accident investigation is an essential part of any workplace health and safety management system and ensures that accidents are analysed, and the root causes identified. The recommendations for improvement made during this process not only help prevent reoccurrence but strengthen the management system in place.

Who is the Accident Investigation Course Suitable For?

This Accident Investigation course is suitable for health and safety advisers, safety representatives, managers, supervisors and any person with the responsibility for investigating accidents in the workplace.

What’s Included in the Accident Investigation Course?

Analyse what happened and identify root causes, along with the required remedial actions to prevent recurrence.

  • Cost of accidents
  • Benefits of accident prevention
  • Accident causation theories
  • Unsafe acts, conditions and root causes
  • Human error
  • Practical steps for investigation
  • Interview techniques
  • Analysing information
  • Notification and reporting requirements
  • Practical exercise

Course Duration

This course is a 1-day classroom course.

Certification and Assessment

You will be assessed on your input during the practical exercise and your feedback. A course certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the training and is valid for three years.

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