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What is the CDM 2015 in Practice Course?

This online CDM course is the most flexible way to understand the CDM Regulations 2015 (replacing CDM 2007), key roles, their responsibilities and how to put them into practice. It is targeted at all roles and organisations affected by the CDM 2015 Regulations and its practical and legal implications.

What’s Included in the CDM 2015 Regs Training?

  • In-depth explanation of the new CDM Regulations 2015 and how to interpret the key elements.
  • Legal responsibilities of the new CDM Regs 2015 on all duty holders
  • Detailed insight into the practical interactions between the five duty holders
  • Health and safety requirements for construction sites
  • Required documentation.

This CDM online course covers all the duty holders’ updates legal responsibilities and the importance of understanding how they interact with each other and the legal documentation.

Course Content

  • Introduction to CDM 2015 and interpretation of: Scope, application, and key terminology; Codes of practice; Industry guidance
  • Clients’ new duties and responsibilities
  • The specific duties of and practical interactive duties of planning, managing, co-ordinating between the five duty holders, which are: Client, Principal Designer, Designer, Principal Contractor, Contractor
  • Overview of the general health and safety requirements for all construction sites
  • Key documentation: Notification, Pre-construction information, Construction phase plan, Health and safety file

Course Duration

Recommended study time 4-8 hours

Assessment and CDM Certification

After you have taken your CDM 2015 course online an assessment is required. This assessment comprises of a short multiple-choice test to complete online at the end of the course. Upon successful completion you can download your certificate to gain your CDM certification.

Key Facts

  • Official Course Title: CDM 2015 in Practice
  • 3 months’ access to all digital multimedia materials and tutor support
  • Short online multiple-choice test

Why Study Online?

  • Learn how to apply your understanding of CDM through workplace case studies.
  • Support from expert tutors with construction sector experience plus online technical support.
  • Learn more: interactive course with video, audio and animations to engage and teach you.
  • Study on-the-go by downloading the accompanying colourful digital course notes.
  • Get answers from tutors and discuss ideas with fellow learners on our discussion forums.

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