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What is Manual Handling Risk Assessment?

A fundamental aspect of conducting manual handling risk assessment training and carrying out safety procedures is to first understand where the risk originates.

This online manual handling risk assessment course provides employers and employees with an awareness of how to conduct risk assessments for manual handling operations.

About Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Conducting manual handling risk assessments is a necessity in any workplace to maintain safety. Manual handling occurs in a vast amount of industries and settings. The loads workers may need to handle will vary, as will the measures required to reduce the risk of injury to an acceptable level.

This online course looks at how to conduct a manual handling risk assessment that addresses the manual handling risks of your workplace.

Why Is Manual Handling Risk Assessment Important?

Assessing the risks of any workplace hazards, such as those posed by manual handling, is a legal requirement. Risk assessments must be suitable and appropriate given the nature of the risks involved. Where five or more individuals are employed, risk assessments must be recorded.

This training programme provides learners with an awareness of how to conduct this vital process and maintain compliance.

Why Choose Manual Handling Risk Assessment Training?

  • Study any time & in bite-size sessions
  • Less costly than a classroom training
  • Excellent trainee support
  • Provides easy to follow understanding of risk assessment
  • Supports compliance with relevant legislation

What’s Included in the Manual Handling Risk Assessment Course?

  • Comprehensive yet concise explanation
  • Certificate on completion
  • Simple login & user access
  • The latest industry best practice

Delivery Method

Online / E-learning

Course Duration

25 Minutes

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain awareness of risk assessment aspects of manual handling
  • Gain knowledge regarding the legalities and hazards of manual handling
  • Learn safety procedures for proper manual handling practices
  • Identify risks and manual handling errors

Course Content

This online Manual Handling Risk Assessment course contains the following sections:

  • Spotting the Hazards
  • Risk Controls


At the end of the online IIRSM approved Essentials of Manual Handling Risk Assessment course, users must complete an end of course assessment before earning their certification.

The end of course test is:

  • 100% online
  • Multiple choice
  • A score of 80% is required to pass the test.


The downloadable printable certificate is approved by IIRSM and will be issued instantly on course completion.

The IIRSM Essentials of Manual Handling Risk Assessment training certificate includes the trainee’s name, company name, course name, date of completion, expiry date and the name of the approval body.

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