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What is the NRSWA for Operators Course?

The SQA accredited NRSWA for Operators course (New Roads and Street Works) is a necessity for any employee who may be involved in working on or adjacent to the public highways as defined by regulations supportive to the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

Who is the NRSWA for Operatives Course Suitable For?

The NRSWA for Operatives course is suitable for NRSWA operatives who physically carry out the work on the roadways and highways. This includes excavation, backfill and reinstatement of materials during street works.

What’s Included in the NRSWA for Operators Course?

This training/assessment course covers the procedures and guidelines for working on roads and highways. The training and qualifications are targeted at those who are either employed by local authorities, utilities companies or contractors and are required to carry out work on roads, highways or on footpaths.

It is absolutely essential that those who are working on public highways or even adjacent to them should take the relevant unit and achieve the required level of competence. It is through this range of qualified training and competence that accidents are avoided and road fatalities are reduced.

The NRSWA Course for Operatives will cover the following units:

LA – Location & avoidance of underground services
Unit 01 – Signing, Lighting & Guarding
Unit 02 – Excavation in the highway. Specifications, techniques, road types, materials
Unit 03 – Reinstatement & compaction of backfill materials
Unit 04 – Reinstatement of non-bituminous sub-base & road-base materials
Unit 05 – Laying practices and reinstatement of cold lay bituminous materials. Specification & types of materials.
Unit 08 – Reinstatement of modular surfaces & concrete footways

At the end of the NRSWA Operatives Course delegates will be aware of:

  • Training and assessment process for a Street Works Operative.
  • Health and Safety legislation and their obligations under this Act.
  • Safe working practices and methods.
  • Reference documentation used within the Highways Industry.

They will also be able to:

  • Carry out Street Works to the standards set down in the Act.
  • Use hand and power tools for the purpose of such works, including Portable Traffic Signal Systems.
  • Read and understand site plans for the purpose of identifying underground / overhead apparatus.
  • Use locating equipment for the purpose of detecting underground apparatus.
  • Set up a site to protect workers and members of the public.

Course Duration

5 days

SQA Certification and Assessment

Assessment of this NRSWA course is carried out as follows:

  • Each unit of competence is assessed by written & oral questioning.
  • Each unit of competence is assessed practically by observation.
  • Some units require the candidates to produce sketches.
  • Some units require the candidates to carry out risk assessments.

Requirements to Attend

Delegates attending this NRSWA for Operatives course will be required to have some level of experience within the construction/civil engineering sectors. If you are unsure whether your current level of experience is suitable for entrance on to this course please call us before booking your place.

A basic comprehension of the English Language is essential.