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NVQ 7 Construction Senior Management Course

This NVQ Level 7 Construction Senior Management course is built to provide construction site managers at a senior level with the skillset they need to thrive at the top of the industry. It’s a qualification that’s widely recognised in construction, and will provide a means of demonstrating the highest level of competence.

Who is this NVQ 7 Construction Senior Management Course For?

Construction Site Managers and Supervisors will benefit greatly from this NVQ 7 in Construction Senior Management course. You’ll be at least eighteen years old, and able to demonstrate your suitability for enrolment via an informal discussion.

Course Content

NVQs of this sort are structured around a core of mandatory units, which provide a broad base of skills applicable to construction site management in general. The mandatory core units are as follows:

  • Participate and lead in meetings in construction management
  • Develop yourself and others in construction management
  • Manage teams in construction
  • Provide ethical judgement, advice and service in construction management

On top of this, there are also optional units to choose from, which in this case fall into three categories. Learners must choose modules from two of the three categories in order to gain the required credits. The optional units are as follows:

B1 – Project Development

  • Evaluate sustainable resources and requirements in construction management
  • Manage design development and processes in construction
  • Evaluate and assess the environmental impact of developments in construction management
  • Evaluate sustainable resources and requirements in construction management

B2 – Procurement Contracts and Budgets

  • Ensure that contracts are concluded, prepared and negotiated and in construction management
  • Implement strategic sourcing partnerships in construction management
  • Establish project procurement arrangements in construction management
  • Manage procurement processes in construction management
  • Control project and organisational income and expenditure in construction management
  • Submit and prepare estimates, bids and tenders in construction management

B3 – Project Control

  • Manage project feedback and evaluation in construction
  • Manage project opportunities and risks in construction
  • Control project outcomes in construction
  • Manage project processes in construction
  • Manage project completion in construction
  • Progress and evaluate the resolution of disputes in construction management


Envico Payment Options NVQ level 6 & 7 only


Envico offer the following payment plan option for NVQ level 6 & level 7 only. Two payments will be required:

Payment 1

50% of the cost to be paid in advance. On receipt the learner will be registered, receive their ePortfolio details following which they can commence studying

Payment 2

On receipt of Payment 1, a period of 2 months will be made available to make the final payment. The outstanding balance and due date for payment 2 will be confirmed by way of an invoice.

Full payment will allow the learner to continue studying with access to the ePortfolio.

Failure to adhere:

Non payment will result in a pausing of the ePortfolio, preventing the learner from accessing course materials and therefore will unable to complete the course and subsequent qualification. Access to the ePortfolio will be reinstated on receipt of the final payment. If after a period of 4 months from the due date of the second payment, the balance has not been received then the NVQ will be terminated.