Fire safety audits involve a detailed and systematic audit of all the fire safety controls, policies, procedures and fire safety training within an organisation. By conducting Fire Safety Audits it allows for detailed drawings and schematics to be produced.

To give you an idea of what is involved in conducting a fire safety audit at your premises we have listed a few bullet points below:

  • Review fire routes and interiors in accordance with the New Approved Document ‘B’ Fire Safety
  • Review all current fire control measures in place including: Fire Routes, Fire Safety Signage, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Review all doumentation including Fire Certificate, Policies and Procedures, Maintenance Records, PPM Records
  • Produced detailed drawings of the premises and plot all current Fire Controls
  • Provide a detailed Action Plan to address all non compliances
  • Produce a Draft Emergency Plan for the clients premises

On completion of a fire safety audit, the fire safety consultant who has conducted the audit would meet with you to discuss the findings and explain practical methods of reducing fire risk to an acceptable level.

Fire safety audits are an essential part of fire safety. If you would like to discuss the subject in more depth with one of our representatives please call 0844 5766750, alternatively if you require competitive quotes from fire safety consultants to conduct an audit on your site then please click on the enquiry link below to complete our simple online enquiry form, after which one of our representatives will contact you to discuss.