The current Working at Height Regulations, make it the duty of every employer to ensure that their staff are correctly trained. We offer ladder training and other working at height training courses including access equipment safety training covering the correct usage and inspection of access equipment including ladders, step ladders, towers and scaffolding training. Ladder training courses provide employers and employees with the assurance that they have the correct training, knowledge and experience required to maintain, handle and use access equipment products correctly and safely. A typical Ladder and Stepladder training course is designed specifically to recognise and eliminate the dangers of incorrect ladder usage and covers the use of all types of ladders and step ladders including aluminium, glass fibre and wooden ladders etc. Typically ladder course duration would be half a day and the areas usually covered include:

  • Working At Height Regulations 2005
  • Current legislation relevant to Ladders and Steps
  • Ladder Types, Specifications and Standards
  • Care and Maintenance of Ladders
  • Selecting the correct tool for the job
  • User Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment Overview
  • How to perform a suitable Risk Assessment

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