If you have ever fallen from ladders or stepladders then we’re certain you and your organisation are interested in what we have to say on this page. If you have never experienced such a fall then please read on as falling from height is no joke.

Many of us have never experienced falling from height, however many of us have spoken to friends, relatives or co-workers who have fallen and as a result know that preventative measures need to be put in place to prevent such accidents. Falling from ladders and stepladders can result in the victim being traumatised and in some cases the event can be fatal. Falling from a ladder or a set of stepladders may seem like the most unlikely of events, however believe it or not it is one of the most common accidents in the working environment.

The aims and objectives of the Ladder Association – Ladder and Stepladders training course are to provide delegates with the necessary information in the safe use and inspection of ladders & steps.

At the end of the instruction course candidates will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of the statutory regulations
  • Identify types of ladders and steps
  • Understand safe use and carrying techniques
  • Inspect ladders & steps

On completion of the Ladder Association accredited ladders and steps training course, successful delegates will receive a certificate and photo ID card from the Ladder Association (BLMA) valid for 5 years.

Ladder Association – Ladders and Stepladders Training Course Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Health Safety
  • Current Legislation on Ladders and usage
  • Safety
  • Is the ladder Strong Enough?
  • Is the ladder Long Enough?
  • Is the ladder Safe Enough?
  • Reasons for Ladder Inspection
  • Method of Ladder Inspection
  • Ladder Inspection Demonstration
  • Ladder and Steps Defects
  • Correct Usage
  • Risk Assessment and User Responsibilities
  • Multiple Choice Test Paper Question and Answer Session

Ladder and Steps Training Course Aims

Updated to reflect the requirements of the Working At Heights Regulations this course gives an appreciation of the hazards, and measures required to control the risks associated with the use of Ladders and Stepladders.

Course Duration

  • 1-day