Improve Workplace Safety with Vehicle Operator Safety

Vehicle operator safety is becoming increasingly important across the world, especially in the industrial and labour sectors. Providing vehicle operational safety for employees who work on or around industrial vehicles such as forklifts, dumpers, cranes, and diggers can reduce employee risks to improve workplace safety and help businesses comply with regulations and laws.

Vehicle Safety Training

Vehicle operational safety training courses are becoming more important, but many businesses have not yet taken the initiative to invest in safety training for their workers. Unfortunately, this results in raised workplace risks and allows the dozens of safety accidents and deaths that happen each year to continue. While many accidents can and are prevented with appropriate training, businesses that need them most often forget that the training is necessary. While many people who work around industrial equipment receive basic training, it is no replacement for full safety courses that ensure the driver, and everyone around the vehicle, are safe.

In 2012, there were more than 78,000 injuries and 148 work related deaths in the UK alone, which while 18% lower than the statistics in 2005, are still shockingly high. By investing in accredited vehicle operational training for your employees, you can help do your part to reduce vehicle related injuries in the workplace.

As an employer; it is your moral obligation to provide this training. In addition, while the vehicle operational safety courses do cost you money initially it is a great deal cheaper to pay for safety courses than medical bills and reparations for an employee injured at work. The result is that it is eventually a great deal more pragmatic to invest in safety courses than to ignore them.

Required Training – In some cases, the law requires businesses to provide specific safety training for certain dangerous vehicles. These include any type of lorry mounted cranes including brick cranes, grabs, and lifting cranes, which provide more than the usual danger at work. We can source fully certified CITB HIAB training for businesses that are bringing a lorry mounted crane into their workforce, or that still have yet to comply with the regulations.

What We Offer

We source a range of vehicle operational safety courses for a number of industrial vehicles via its network of accredited vehicle operator training providers.

Courses include fully accredited PASMA and IPAF training for construction, and other industrial vehicle safety. These include:

  • MEWP
  • Crane
  • Digger
  • Dumper
  • Excavator
  • Forklift Truck
  • HIAB


Fully certified and accredited health and safety courses in accords with the health and safety administration.

What The Courses Cover

Each course covers a range of topics related to the specific industrial vehicle but topics include safe operation, potential hazards, safety around pedestrians, and operational hazards based on the size and manoeuvrability of the vehicle in question. Each course is presided over by a professional with operational and training qualifications including practical and theoretical knowledge.

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