If your manager hasn’t been trained in health and safety recently how can you be sure they are doing a good job? If you have concerns over the management of safety and health issues you need to take a look at their current qualifications and the length of time since they last attended a training course. As the law and the methods used to reduce risks often change, you may find that your managers are no longer competent.

Are your managers failing to uphold health and safety within your organisation? If this is the case, you could be putting the lives of your employees at risk and face being prosecuted by the HSE. Providing current training opportunities such as the SMSTS course is a good direction to go in.

Give the Latest Training to Your Managers

Managers have to stay current when it comes to workplace safety. Not only is this necessary to save lives but it is also for their own good. Managers can be prosecuted along with business owners so it’s essential to ensure your managers are not breaching the law. Therefore managers risk being taken to court, fined and having to pay court costs just like you. Managers need to know and understand safety law and what it means to them if they don’t follow it.

General Health & Safety Courses Suitable for Managers & Supervisors

In addition to having knowledge of the law, managers benefit from having the latest training in techniques that are designed to reduce accidents on construction site. Construction is a very dangerous industry with thousands of individuals seriously injured and hundreds killed each year simply because of poor safety on the site. The injured person, their family and the business owners are all affected in these circumstances so it pays to do everything possible to comply with the law and keep all workers safe.

The Site Management Course Provides Skills in Health & Safety

Training, such as the SMSTS – Site Management Safety Training Scheme, gives the skills managers need to perform their legal and moral duties on site. It provides all the information they need in regards to health and safety law, the Health and Safety at Work Act and the CDM Regulations. There are skills in controlling risks that are also taught to the managers too, such as:

  • How to set up a safe site
  • How to conduct a risk assessment
  • Writing method statements
  • Managing occupational health
  • Behaviour and how it affects safety on the site

Just Five Days to be trained in the Latest Techniques

There is no need to spend several months waiting for your managers to be trained in the latest techniques. The site managers course lasts for five days and by the end of the training the managers will be qualified. Providing the candidate passes the exercises in the course and successfully completes the end of course multiple choice question paper they will be awarded with the certificate. This can be used to show the manager has had recent training and is suitable to manage projects helping you to secure more contracts and take on jobs.

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