The Construction Design and Management Regulations can cause a lot of confusion for site managers. It is vital that you have a good understanding of your duties under these regulations.

You will also need to know what the regulations are and how you can follow them closely to avoid prosecution and accidents. Construction site safety management courses can help you to form a solid understanding of the CDM and also reduce the health and safety risks on site.

What is the CDM About?

CDM Regulations are designed to focus the attention on planning and managing construction projects. They cover the whole process from design onwards and play an important role in the whole project. It is essential that health and safety is thought about throughout the entire life of a project and the CDM are used to ensure this is so, reducing the probability of health and safety considerations being only an afterthought.

You Must Be Competent

It is important to be able to prove that you are competent when working safely. This is especially important for managers and supervisors, who have legal duties to others. Competence is necessary as those who are competent often work safer than those who are not. Therefore training is essential and you can find many excellent courses designed to make managers competent for their own safety, the safety of others and to show a compliance with the health and safety laws.

Finding a Suitable Course

If you require training, or wish to send your employees on courses you may be wise to consider the SMSTS course. This is a five day course which looks into the CDM Regulations as well as many different areas of construction site safety management. These courses run throughout the year and are available at many different training centres up and down the country, making them easily assessable. The skills learnt on the SMSTS are then put into practice on site helping to reduce and manage risks effectively.

To find out more about construction site safety management and the available courses you can look online for course details. For further information you can call 0808 1966 830 and speak to an advisor about the best CDM training courses available.

Construction Health and Safety Courses

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