If you are working in the health and safety profession, you need an occupational health and safety qualification for your job or you are simply interested in the industry, you might want to consider obtaining a membership to IOSH. It is up to you how far you take your membership status and qualifications, however when you join the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety you will have access to all of the benefits of membership.

IOSH is the largest health and safety professional membership organisation in the world and it is considered to be the guardian and the voice of health and safety within the workplace.

The six membership categories of IOSH include Affiliate, Associate, Technical, Graduate, Chartered and Chartered Fellow. The institute will review your experience and qualifications and will choose which membership category is right for your needs.

How Does Membership Work?

When you first join IOSH, like all new members, you will be welcomed as an Affiliate Member. Once you have joined and paid your membership fee, IOSH will review your experience and qualifications. If you have the appropriate industry qualifications, they will recommend that you are transferred to an Associate, Technical or Graduate membership.

You will need to send in copies of all NEBOSH Certificates, NEBOSH Diplomas and other qualifications so that IOSH can assess your qualifications and courses.

What Does a Technical IOSH Membership Entail?

If you are looking to obtain a TechIOSH membership, you will need to hold one of the accredited level three qualifications as well as have a suitable amount of experience in the field of health and safety. This experience will be assessed by the institute so that they can determine your level of membership.

This experience can include time that you have spent in a full or part time job role as well as time spent volunteering anywhere within the field of health and safety. It can also include work with an operation health and safety elements, such as facilities management.

When it comes to being a Technical Member of IOSH (Tech IOSH), the difference is that a Technical member is currently practising in the health and safety industry and is looking to further develop their career. They have a need to continuously maintain their knowledge and skills. This is in comparison to the Associate membership, which recognises health and safety knowledge and yet does not necessarily reflect any experience.

Becoming a member of IOSH has a lot of positive benefits. It will be something that you can proudly list on your CV which will raise your profile when applying for jobs and progressing throughout your career. Also, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits and services available to members.

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